Skillshare (2023) Review: Is Skillshare Worth It?


With over 25,000 courses available internationally and thousands of instructors, the Skillshare platform is one of the world’s most visited and used learning sites. You can find some free videos on the internet. And to access complete courses, you have to subscribe. But is it worth it? Indeed, many sites fail to meet the creativity and learning needs of budding artists or individuals weary of the traditional system. They are looking for an innovative way and sufficient courses to help them develop innate talents or enter a field that really fascinates them.

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Skillshare: a learning platform like no other

Skillshare is an online learning site that brings together one of the largest communities in the world. There are more than 7 million users, including students in art, creation, calligraphy, photography, illustration, design, and artistic fields related to personal creativity. There are also courses in accounting, social networks, leadership, management, etc. This makes it unique because sites of this kind are rare. It is even the first to offer the same services internationally, and anyone can register.

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Why choose Skillshare?

Skillshare is more than 2000 free courses available on the basic account. You have videos and tutorials offered by qualified and experienced teachers. You also join a large community of enthusiasts with the same goals as you. Which allows you to create projects, share, discuss, learn or even create working groups. You also have “unlimited classes” on the site to watch online or download and read offline.

You have 3 major themes with multiple areas to choose from. The “Creative” theme includes animation, creative writing, film and video, fine art, graphic design, illustration, music, photography, UI/UX design, and web development. The “Build” theme covers the following topics: business analysis, freelancing and entrepreneurship, management and leadership, and marketing. The “Thrive” theme has two courses: Lifestyle and Productivity.

The site also offers the most popular videos by class, access to all classes (Premium account), student projects, and other services.

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A mobile offer to help more people

One of Skillshare’s greatest assets is its development of a mobile application. After signing up, you can download the app and already access hundreds of courses without paying a penny. These free courses are given as an example and above all so that you can understand; how it works and the offers on the site.

Premium members have access to a more extensive library of products. Here, the courses are only accessible by subscription. You can download them to your account or mobile device to watch them later, even offline.

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What are the prices on the site?

You will integrate Skillshare for free. Registration also entitles you to a one-month free trial. If you want to continue, you should pay. Your options are the Free Basic Account and the Premium Account. The Premium account allows access to a wider choice of courses in all available areas, especially yours. It is therefore paid. The basic account, however, will enable you to choose 3 subjects and watch all the free videos in these 3 areas.

What is interesting is the choice. After your first registration on the free account, Skillshare allows you to choose the Premium offer immediately for 2 months for free.

And if after the 2-month free Premium trial you want to continue, the price for a monthly subscription is only 15 dollars. If you choose an annual subscription, it goes down to 8.25 dollars per month but will be charged once for 99 dollars per year. It is up to you, depending on your type of subscription, to continue the adventure or not.

A free trial for everyone

Skillshare opens a special account for all new members. Unlike traditional courses online or in the conventional system, students can try without committing. The trial period is 30 days. Afterward, if you decide to continue, your iTunes account will be debited first and automatically via payment (the first). This will renew your subscription. But even if you opt for the Premium plan, the site already gives 2 months for free.

Skillshare 1 Month free trial

How to renew your Skillshare subscription?

If you have not opted out of the auto-renewal cancellation option, your first payment means you have become a Skillshare subscriber. This option must be deactivated 24 hours before the deadline to avoid this (when you are subscribed). Likewise, billing always arrives 24 hours before the end of the allocated period. And at this moment, you will decide to continue or stop your learning.

Thus, the site allows everyone to learn according to their rhythm, means, and availability. The management of this kind of manipulation and automatic renewals are done directly on your client interface, in your iTunes account settings.

  • Easy, intuitive, and fast online learning with a wide choice of courses in several interesting areas;
  • Qualified teachers who offer interesting and valuable lessons;
  • Practical and adapted to current lifestyles: mobile use, subscription mode, and subscription;
  • The modern way of learning meets Internet users’ needs: without a long-term subscription, free choice of courses, working hours and working methods, etc.
  • Courses that are too basic and general on specific subjects;
  • Those who have an intermediate or advanced level in a specific area can get lost in the multitude of courses offered;
  • Quite an expensive service compared to the competition, and the automatic renewal option is not always easy;
  • Unsatisfactory customer service for some users: late returns and lack of personalized assistance on account management.

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