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How To Grow Tiktok Followers in 2022?

By looking at social media nowadays, TikTok has become the most remarkable social media platform. But, we got to hurry up and get viral quickly! Shall we?

When we compare some other popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter, many people like Twitter’s happening naturally. 

According to surveys by social media activists, it is nearly used by 1 billion active users per month. That is huge, isn’t it! Nothing to wonder but that’s how it has influenced people in their daily routine.

The Twitter company has also introduced content monetization policies for the content creators to add value for their important time & hard work. Therefore many content creators have chosen this platform as a money-earning method. They can make money not only from promoting the businesses but also from the above-mentioned content monetization feature. Hence day by day, the number of people who do content creation has been increasing gradually. 

On the other side, TikTok is a great place to start because it’s still in a growing phase. After creating your own TikTok account, the next thing you must look into is how to increase the number of people who follow your content. Also, how to keep them attracted & interested in your content as long as possible. Anyway, when compared to other social media platforms, TikTok is the easiest method that you can achieve a rapid follower-increasing rate. 

By the way, now we will discuss how to increase your audience quickly and rapidly. There is no rocket science, but some consistent tips and tricks!

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Here comes the good stuff

The first thing you need to be aware of is your content quality. It means you should make good and visible content whatever the category your content is. As an example, if you make such content that isn’t clear or blurred, then the viewer will reject your content immediately. Therefore your video quality is a very important factor. 

Also, the content you provide shouldn’t be boring. This means you need to introduce your content in a way that would get the full attention of the viewer. That’s why entertainment content is usually reaching the masses very quickly. 

Niche targeting is important!

Another most important thing is, you must have a clear idea of what kind of audience that you are targeting. As an example, if you make sport-related content, you must target sports lovers. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get the reach you expected to get more followers. 

To achieve that, you can follow similar kinds of TikTok accounts that have already been creating some influential content. 

If you can create your content to educate your audience while entertaining them, that means you are trying to add some value to your viewers so that may pay you back to increase your followers. This can be mentioned as being smart. If you are an out-of-the-box thinker with a creative mindset, you could achieve your target very quickly. 

Use Hashtags Properly

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Then the most popular method to increase your audience is the hashtag feature. This can be mentioned as a remarkable option to get more followers. 

It’s a game-changer according to the surveys. 

For that, you should be intelligent enough to choose viral & trending hashtags that are related to your niche. The reason for that is, that the hashtag method will help your content to reach your target audience sooner. 

Then the people who are interested in your content category would easily find you at the top of their discover page if you use viral hashtags. Also, some people may search for what they like to see with trending hashtags so that it will be much easier and faster to achieve what you are wishing for if your content is entertaining & attractive. 

By the way, you can create your own & unique hashtags as well. For example, if your name is johnny and you are doing some comedy-related content, you can create a hashtag like #johnnyfunny. If your good content went viral, which also means that the hashtag you created would also become trending and that would also be a great benefit for your future content success. This is why we called the hashtag method a game-changing option. 

Cross-Promote Your Videos

Then there is another method which is called cross-promoting. That means you can share your content on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube &, etc. So it will be good if you can create other social media profiles related to your niche along with TikTok so that you can share your content with a higher number of people. That will save the time and energy that you are spending to promote your content to get the expected reach as well. 

Consistent Content Publishing

Another very important thing is, that you must post your content at the right time. The reason for that is you know most people use social media after their day-to-today activities or after their jobs. So that they cannot engage with TikTok at all times. So you must be smart to assume which time most of the people are active on the TikTok platform. In my experience, it is between 10.30 AM – 11.30 AM and 6.30 PM – 8.30 PM. But this time will be different according to your time zones

Hence you are the one who must decide the best time to reach your audience. An important factor is to mention here that your posting schedule must be consistent as well. You can’t get a higher reach if you post 1 post this week and then no posts next week likewise. Therefore you must choose a perfect & consistent schedule for your content. 

In modern times, another famous method to get more followers is creating trending challenges. Ice bucket challenge, which was one of those kinds of challenges which went very viral one or two years back. If you create your unique challenge related to your niche, you can promote that using the above-mentioned hashtag method as well. That will result in a drastic increase in followers.

Be Active in the Community & Collaborate

The easiest way will bring you as many as TikTok followers are to engage with the other creators who have already been doing content creation for a while and have achieved more followers. So you can collaborate with them by doing duets such as things, it would bring you success. But you must be careful to select the correct people to collaborate with because if you choose a bad guy, then there is a risk of being scammed. 

People are having a zoom call with their faces on.

Also, some creators use follower growth tools such as social blade to get an understanding of the TikTok algorithms and trends. Also from those analyses, you could see the best time to upload your content. Anyway, it is essential to mention that, if you use bots to increase your followers, it can result in a decrease in your reach because those are not authentic followers who see your content. So you must always try to find out authentic followers

As the final method, you can follow the CTA (Call To Action) method to grow your followers. For a quick example, let’s say you would like to learn about earning with TikTok, so we link you to; the How to Earn with TikTok, link. This means if you are doing long content, you can publish it as a video series. So at the end of the video, you can force your followers to watch part 2 as well. Also, you could be able to promote your other businesses by adding the ‘follow this link’ option in your videos as well. 

Try our top tips and tricks, these will help all TikTokers to lift your fanbases! If you implement them carefully, the followers will love your content. So, you’ll get more followers! A win-win and more wins situation!

I hope you learned something from this. Check out this one about TikTok Scams about free followers

Let us know if you find this useful, we’re open to criticism as well! 😛


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