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How to fix TikTok Camera Lagging Issues?

Most people around the world nowadays are using the TikTok app to have some entertainment as well as a money-earning method. The TikTok Camera Lagging/freezing is an annoying experience. I sometimes completely reinstall to get all stuff clean, but with my research, I know it’s not needed to reinstall the app!

TikTok creators sometimes use different apps to edit their footage to make that uploaded the TikTok. But some others just use the same TikTok app’s video creating & editing facility to make their content.

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Anyway, while using the app’s videoing feature, sometimes users may have the problem of the TikTok camera lagging. This can happen due to several reasons but let’s discuss how to get that fixed easily.

The App Cache Hazard!

Actually most of the times, TikTok camera lagging issue occurs when there are too many cache files within the app. So you must clear those unwanted cache files.

To do that, the first thing you need to do is go out of the TikTok app and just get into your phone’s settings feature. Once you get into this settings page, you can find the ‘apps’ feature when you slide down the page. Then have a tap on that and find the TikTok app in that apps list.

Once you get into that, just tap on the ‘force stop’ option at the top of the page and then click ‘ok’. 

After doing that, you can go back into the TikTok app and see whether the lagging problem is solved.

If that haven’t made any sense, what you need to do is tap on the three horizontal straps at the top right corner of your TikTok profile page and find the feature called ‘cache & cellular data in the lower side of the page.

Then there is an option called ‘free up space’ or ‘clear cache’ (in the TikTok lite app) and you need to tap on that feature as well. After, you could see your unwanted cache files, which caused your camera lagging so you must clear those files. After that, you just want to repeat that process for the ‘drafts’ feature just under the cache feature.

Next you can clear the TikTok app from your mobile windows feature and go back into the app and check whether the issue is fixed or not. At most times, it won’t lag anymore but if you still have the same problem, you just need to check whether your TikTok app is updated in your play store or the app store. If it is not, you should update it and check whether the problem is fixed.

Mobile Memory is full!

This will solve your issue most of the times but if you still haven’t got the result you wanted, please check your phone’s storage. If your mobile storage is full, it may be the reason for the lagging issue so you must free up some space in your mobile phone. That will surely solve your problem and hope you follow the correct steps to make that fixed. Just simple!

If none of those didn’t help you, your mobile versions of the software might be outdated. If that’s the case, we could recommend you to try mobile phone performance testing to determine your phone’s power. Depending on the result, you’ll need to consider update the phone or buy a new one. The performance testing is simple and any non-technical person can do it! Let us know if you need more insight on this mobile benchmarking as well!

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