Domain Name: How to choose the right Domain

What is the Domain name?

When referring to an internet address or name, We can’t find it difficult to type something like the IP address “,” and we can’t find it difficult to remember these like IP addresses in our memory. For Avoid that, a domain or domain name was introduced. The domains are pointed to the IP address, and when we type the domain name on the URL bar, it will go to the pointed IP location and show results. Domain overview namecheap domain

How to select the best domain for your website/ Brand as a beginner?

Find a suitable name that is the same as your website, Niche – As an example – Your Niche is dogs > Domain name better like ” puppylovers .com”, “mypetdog .com” like that.

Use memorable, easy-to-read words – “brightlight .com” seems memorable but “toneden .com” is difficult to remind.

Try to select a keyword with your domains – “mypethealth .com” “pet health” is a keyword. It would be easy to rank on google.

What place can buy a domain name low price?

As a beginner, we highly recommend Namecheap to buy your domains for your WordPress site, Shopify Store, or whatever platform.

Why do we recommend these Namecheap domains?

No hidden fees: You would see some domains providers advertise ” .com domains buy for $0.99,” but when you try to pay, you will see some additional fees are added, and the cost comes near $10 to $15 range, and small text line shows renewal at $16.

Free one-year SSL: You will get a one-year free SSL certificate for your domains, which will help show your site is a secure website.

Easy to manage domains: Namecheap dashboard is easy to navigate, and we can easily add/ edit nameservers and DNS.

One-click domains transfer: If you need to transfer your domains to another owner, add an owner’s email address and click change.

Domains privacy: Read all about domains Privacy Here.

Available Top Level Domains (TDL)

.com$5.98/ $6.98$13.98

Also, if you are new to Namecheap, you can buy the “.COM” domains for $5.98.

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