BlueHost Review 2022/2023: Is This Best Web Hosting?

As web developers, we’ve spent too much time on both of these services. Let’s not jump to a conclusion now and check the pros, cons, similarities, and differences. Both of these service providers are recommendable, don’t forget that as well.

The Bluehost already hosts around 2 million websites worldwide. Their specialty is making web development more accessible for non-technical people. So, if you are not a big tech guy or a web developer, Bluehost may help you well with their user-friendly design. Having said that, let’s see what else they’ve got.

Domain name free for the first year!

Even a kid would like a free candy, who doesn’t like free stuff, right? Well, this is excellent news for beginners to get into website development. You’ll get a free domain registration for a year. Maybe you’ll be able to use this to learn things.

Excellent web server uptime!

Yes, this is based on real statistics and it’s true. If you are not familiar; the excellent uptime means your website will always be visible to your audience. In short, Bluehost got reliable uptime and services.

Free CDN

Content Delivery Networks are always great for any website. This simply means that the data will be sent to users depending on their geolocation and nearest server locations.

Simple website builder

Bluehost has a built-in Smart AI that powers up the website builder. This is a builder that you should try. It’s simple, fast, and real-time editing. Nothing is easier than drag-and-drop web building, not for all of course!

Free SSL certificate

You might already know that Secured Sockets Layer is the standard technology for keeping sensitive data safe when shared between two systems. That is represented by HTTPS.

Bluehost obviously is well suited for low-cost web hosting. It’s because they do a lot of promotions that add value to the customers. Bluehost offers more to increase visitors to your websites. They have marketing training, graphic design services, local business listings, content development, SEO services, social media marketing, and more.

Long story short, Bluehost is a well-established digital service provider with a healthy community reach. They serve small bloggers to big businesses, and e-commerce giants as well.

These are some important facts about Bluehost service providers

Ratings4.5 Stars
PricingStarts at $2.95/month
Hosting MethodsShared, WordPress, Dedicated
Server Location(s)The United States
Customer CarePhone, Support tickets, emails, 24/7 live chat
Current SalesGet up to 71% off!

BlueHost Pro & Cons

BlueHost Pros
  • ⦁ Free domain name with SSL certificate
  • ⦁ Free Cloudflare integration
  • ⦁ Free website migration within Bluehost
  • ⦁ Over 2 Million worldwide client base
  • ⦁ Intuitive and user-friendly
  • ⦁ One-click WordPress Installation
  • ⦁ 99% service uptime guaranteed
  • ⦁ Great customer support
  • ⦁ Great cyber security
  • ⦁ Wide range of web hosting plans
BlueHost Cons
  • ⦁ Lacks cloud hosting options
  • ⦁ Shared hosting is not available for monthly plans.
  • ⦁ Charges fees for migrating a site from different hosting providers

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Overview:

The official WordPress hosting with Bluehost is by far the most convenient way to manage your website. WP and Bluehost joined together to provide a smoother experience for you. That makes this hosting method an ideal selection for; blogs, websites, or e-commerce sites.

This hosting type also provides WordPress themes, plugins, and different assets from the Bluehost marketplace. This means you get a big room for creativity and seamless integrations.

Storage50 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
ExtrasFree Domain – 1 year free CDN IncludedFree SSL CertificateFree Domain – 1 year free CDN IncludedFree SSL CertificateFree Office 365 – 30 daysFree Domain – 1 year free CDN IncludedFree SSL CertificateFree Office 365 – 30 days free Domain PrivacyFree Automated Backup – 1 yearFree Domain – 1 year free CDN IncludedFree SSL CertificateFree Office 365 – 30 days free Domain PrivacyFree Automated BackupFree Dedicated IP

Bluehost Shared Hosting Overview:

This is one of the most popular methods due to its simplicity and low cost. Shared hosting means that a set of websites will be hosted by a central server, allowing more people to get services at lower prices.

This is a good choice for a small blogger or a small company; since a small website is not resource-hungry. The only tricky part is that there is no guarantee of RAM or CPU for the shared hosting plan.

Starting Price$2.75 36/mo term$4.95 36/mo term$5.45 36/mo term$13.95 36/mo term
Disk space50 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email accounts5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email storage100 MB / accountUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
ExtrasFree domainFree website builderFree domainFree website builder1 SpamExpertsFree domainFree website builder1 SpamExperts1 Domain Privacy1 SiteBackup ProFree domainFree website builder2 SpamExperts1 Domain Privacy1 SiteBackup ProDedicated IPDomain Privacy

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Overview:

This is an excellent choice for large scale business websites. If you’re looking for highly reliable service with performance and security, this is it. The dedicated plan provides more power, storage, and perks.

In this plan, the user gets complete access to the server-side without being limited. Also, the website’s performance can be predicted at any given moment. This plan would be an excellent fit for a website that gets a large number of visitors and has large data exchanges.

The Might obviously does not come cheap and Bluehost dedicated plans seem to be mightier, based on the prices and features!

Price$79.99 36/mo term$99.99 36/mo term$119.99 36/mo term
Free Domains111
CPU2.3 GHz4 Cores4 Threads3 MB Cache2.5 GHz4 Cores8 Threads8 MB Cache3.3 GHz4 Cores8 Threads8 MB Cache
RAID Level 1 Storage2 x 500 GB2 x 1000 GB2 x 1000 GB
Network Bandwidth5 TB10 TB15 TB
Dedicated IPs345

Bluehost Overview:

The service providers have good multi-tiered packages that are suitable for a small blogger to a large e-commerce business. Bluehost has an intuitive and user-friendly approach which significantly increases ease of use.

It’s safe to say that you may get a good experience with Bluehost, especially if you are planning a website with WordPress.

Ultimately, it is worth considering as your hosting provider but make sure to double-check the plans and tiers based on your requirements.

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