Namecheap Complete Web hosting Review- Pros and Cons for 2023

Do you want to up your website and run it with the right hosting partner? why is web hosting so expensive?

You may be surrounded by so many options that make it mind-boggling, and you are not alone in this! When it comes to nailing down the hosting for your website, there are plenty of providers to choose from yourself.

Namecheap is one of the specific web hosting services that provide exactly what you need.
In 2000, Namecheap domain registrar and its success led to adding other services, including hosting.

This company has 11 million customers and hosts and 3 million domain names registered.
Namecheap does not use upselling to make money. They provide affordable pricing plans according to what you need. Hence the name ‘Namecheap’ came to life.

Namecheap webhosting for cheap wordpress hosting Domains

Pros and Cons of Namecheap Web hosting

Let’s see what we got here! The benefits first.


Trustworthy: Namecheap has provided generally good products for over 20 years and with over three million hosting customers are still faith in it. The reputation is great!

Good uptime: This company provides a 100% service level agreement for uptime. They have a money-back guarantee if uptime isn’t achieved at the expected level. The average uptime sits at 99.97%, which is close to perfect.
Most importantly, if your uptime isn’t perfect, this company pays for it!

Free domain and migration: If you want to switch your hosting partner to Namecheap, They provide a cheap and easy way. They charge nothing. Yes, they offer free migration from other hosting providers. You can purchase a plan with a free domain. When customers actually use something, it’s thrilled to use it when they are free of charge.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you decide to give up on Namecheap, no problem, you can give up on it. Within 30 days, you can determine whether you should give up or not, and they give your money back, and they provide you the freedom to take another plan or another hosting provider. No strings attached!

Great Basic Plan: Unmetered bandwidth comes with the basic plan. This is a rare occurrence that you will appreciate when your site grows. In addition, you will receive a free SSL certificate for the first year. (As with other free SSL certificate offers, the first year is free, but you must pay for each subsequent year.)

Not only that, but other providers give only free backup once a week. Namecheap provides free backups twice a week. Then you will get more confidentiality about your site and your data.
You also get three websites with the basic plan. You will see literary love for this feature when you decide to run both business and personal sites. Most providers give you one or none whopping email addresses, but they offer 50 whopping email addresses here. You also get 50 MySQL databases, and other providers give less than that.

Quick load time: According to standards, a website should load in less than three seconds. Then only people get attracted to the website. Namecheap average page speed is 458ms, and it will always attract your website clients and customers.


Unreliable customer support: Knowledgebase is an excellent resource in Namecheap, which includes problems that are common and experienced by others. For this, the topics vary from SSL certificates to email services.

You have to know what you are looking for because things are tricky in the knowledge base and how-to videos.

When you try out online chats, it gives a quick response initially, and it doesn’t stay strong when questions are starting to come out.

Phone support does not even exist, so do try to telephone them. There is an option to submit a ticket for any questions, and its time consuming to respond.

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Namecheap Pricing and options:

If you are a newly started website and looking for something essential to personal or are you looking to build a high-traffic website, this will be the correct option that you can choose.

Shared hosting features

Namecheap webhosting for cheap wordpress Shared hosting

They are cheap as it is named and offers perfect features more than other providers give as basic shared plans.
Every shared hosting plan gets a domain name, privacy protector, free SSL installation, free SSL certificate, website builder, email service, 24/7 support, and cPanel. Hosting plans are categorized below.

Stellar: This includes three websites, 20 GB SSD, a free domain name for the first year, and free CDN. This costs $1.58 per month and is billed annually. This is the lowest level of plan in Namecheap.

Stellar plus: It features unlimited websites, Unlimited SSD, free domain name, free CDN, auto-backups, and many other features. It is billed annually and costs $2.68 per month.

Stellar business: This includes 50 GB SSD, cloud storage, unlimited websites, free domain name, auto backups, free CDN, and many more options. If you are looking for a small website for your business, this is the ideal one. It is billed annually and costs $4.80 per month.

Reseller Hosting Feature

Namecheap webhosting for cheap wordpress hosting  reseller

Every reseller plan includes the ability to manage from cPanel, Unmetered bandwidth. Unlimited domains and subdomains. WHM control, account management tools, and high-power reseller servers. Namecheap customers can purchase hosting plans and resell them to their customer base. This is an added advantage in earning money.

Nebula: This includes 30 GB SSD and 25 cPanel accounts that can be resold. This plan is billed annually and costs $17.88 per month. This is the cheapest reseller plan.

Galaxy Expert: This includes 90 GB SSD and 100 cPanel accounts to sell. This plan is billed annually and costs $33.88 per month.

Universe pro: This includes 150 GB SSD and 150 cPanel accounts. This plan builds annually and costs $51.88 per month.

WordPress Hosting Features

Namecheap webhosting for cheap wordpress hosting 4
Yearly Plans

For WordPress users, here are some hosting plans.

EasyWP starter: This includes 10 GB SSD and 50,000 visitors per month. This plan is billed annually and costs $22.88 per month. This is great for beginners.

EasyWP Turbo: This includes 50 GB SSD, free SSL,1.5 times more RAM, free CDN., 1.5 times more CPU, and 200,000 monthly visitors. This plan is billed annually and costs $34.44 per month.

EasyWP Supersonic: This includes 100 GB SSD, twice the RAM, two times more CPU, free SSL,99.99% uptime guarantee, free CDN, and 500,000 monthly visitors. This plan is billed annually and costs $49.88 per month. This would be better for large-scale business sites.

VPS hosting features

Namecheap webhosting for cheap wordpress hosting 5

VPS gives more flexibility and control to your website.

Pulsar: This includes 1000 GB bandwidth, two CPU cores, 40 GGB SSD RAID 10, and 2 GB RAM. This plan is billed annually and costs $6.88 per month.

Quasar: this includes 3000 GB bandwidth, 6 GB RAM, four CPU cores, and 120 GB SSD RAID 10. This plan is billed annually and costs $12.88 per month.

Magnetar: Newly introduce this package. This includes 6000 GB bandwidth. 8 CPU cores, 240 GB SSD RAID 10, and 12 GB RAM. This plan is billed annually and costs $24.88 per month.

Dedicated hosting features

Namecheap webhosting for cheap wordpress hosting dedicated hosting

For free reign over your own servers, use dedicated hosting.
The plan range started from over $600 per month to over $1,100 per month. At this level of hosting, it is better to connect with the Namecheap agent and get more information. This feature gives free migration, server management options, airtight security, and an optimized user network.