How to earn money with TikTok?

Have you seen this new video platform? Who hasn’t right?

But have you ever thought about how TikTok content creators make thousands of cash?

TikTok is a rapidly growing platform. It got a massive interest right now. It’s even better than Instagram.

The main reason is, that people love watching and scrolling these shortened clips rather than staring at lengthy videos. It’s just simple and efficient.

And also TikTok hasn’t got a lot of content right now. So the content creators on this platform are getting millions of views and some people are going viral like crazy overnight. The more you become viral, the more you make cash, right?

This same thing happened with Instagram just a few years ago. It was designed for teenagers. But those with different patterns of thinking made a way to earn money with that. First, they gained a lot of followers and made a lot of income through them.

So what is the deal with this TikTok platform?

The theory has changed. At present, you don’t need to gain a lot of followers to run a business via Instagram. Just advertisements! But does that catch your audience?

Well, this is why TikTok’s there!

It catches the audience in a second. A short clip can express a thousand emotions that attract anyone.

 So a lot of people want to jump into TikTok somewhat early to get created the following base and earn money. If that was what you needed too, then that’s what I’m covering today.

 Creating a strong following base and monetizing the following will be mainly focused on here under 6 topics. TikTok’s gonna make a mark in the history of eCommerce. So let’s jump into the content.


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1. Growing and selling TikTok accounts.

 The first and the best way for people to make money with TikTok is this. They start an account from the ground level and they build up it into a major account with a strong following base and a good engagement of the audience they’re focused on. Then they sell that account to a brand name or a company or to someone who runs a business.

This method is getting famous rapidly in the eCommerce and product space. Also, do you like to know about growing a TikTok Following?

 First, they choose a niche just like in Instagram marketing, and they go ahead creating entertaining content based on their products to gain the attraction of the audience they’re focusing on. This method is totally legit and even now, a lot of people are making profits in this field right now. This method leads to a great income that you can get at once. But you need to grow the particular account to a good level.

 When someone buys a grown account like this, the best way for them to sell their products is ‘‘TikTok Live’’. They launch their products to the market during the live stream or they’re holding auctions while live streaming.

 And also, they keep the link to their products in the account’s bio so it leads the followers to purchase the items easily.  So as you see, this way is fair to both the seller and the buyer of the TikTok account.

 So if you’re interested in TikTok marketing, just jump into it and start creating a following base on a certain topic and grow that community with the use of other social media platforms too. And then reach out to brands and people who love access to those followers and sell them your account. Interesting, right?

2. Donations and Gifts.

 Another way of TikTok creators earns money is by going live and collecting gifts and donations from people.

But first of all, you need to have at least 1000 followers to go live. Getting 1000 followers is so easy if you really wanna do this right?

 When you use TikTok, you can purchase something called ‘’Coins’’ from your profile which can be sent to content creators when they’re live streaming. Later they can convert them into cash.

 65 coins will cost you only 0.99$. You can send them to your favorite creators when they are streaming live events.

 So if you’re a good content creator, you can collect a lot of coins and can get converted them into cash via Paypal.

 This feature is a really interesting way of earning money via TikTok.

3. TikTok Ads.

 Just like every other social media, TikTok has its ad platform. You can just Google ‘’TikTok ads’’  and signup for their ads platform. Consider bringing some paid traffic to your account and let them see your products.

 It’s all about creativity. You need to be a little bit creative when you make the ads.

Maybe you can sell more products by using this technique and putting some budget on this won’t get wasted!

4. Managing Influencer Campaigns.

 The fourth way to earn money with TikTok is by being a middleman or the broker between a creator of TikTok content and a brand that wants to work with that creator.

 This isn’t a new idea. Influencing agencies of Instagram and Facebook have grown largely during the last decade. The same theory has to be applied to TikTok.

 What you have to do is, catch up with a good content creator on TikTok and then search for a brand that wants to work with someone like the creator you found. You have to be the coordinator and you can charge a service fee for managing the campaigns like that.

 This is a bit outside of the platform. But in this way, it is profitable for all the parties engaging here. You are providing a service and you get paid for it. That’s it!

 Since TikTok is somewhat new, You don’t have a lot of competition in this influencer management field. So if you hurry up, you can make a mark in TikTok marketing very soon!

5. Working as a Manager at content creators.

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 This is a popular way of earning money with social media platforms. You can provide management services to the content creators in the field and you can charge for providing the service.

Some creators got millions of followers and they hire people to handle their accounts. You can apply to work under them as a manager.

 You can offer your services based on content strategy, creativity, promoting, or creating ads regarding their content category.

 So if you have the potential to manage a leading account in the field, don’t wait. Start applying to those creators to be a manager at them. Start earning!

6. Providing consulting programs to new creators.

 When you know how to cook, why don’t you start a restaurant?

 So last but not least, When you become a pro creator of TikTok, you can do consulting with beginner creators to get views on their videos and to get viral.

 When you become a pro in the field, you know how the algorithm works and how a video can get millions of views from the point of zero. So why don’t you start selling your knowledge?

 But of course, first, you need to have a well-grown account and plenty of experience in your career to offer this service. You have to show others why they should get consulting done by you. So for that, you need to grow your career first. But once you’re there, people are ready to pay you and get your advice to boost their strategy.

 You can have an agreement with the creator to get the payment done. It can be even a percentage of his or her income since you’re the one who helps him or her to go viral on TikTok. This consulting technique is growing fast on almost every social media platform right now.

 This method is fair and helpful for both parties.

 It got a lot of advantages as well. Beginners can get a kick start when they have the supervision of a Pro In the field. And also the one who provides this service can charge a fair fee. So that’s it.

You can try every technique I’ve explained. These aren’t at the experiment level since thousands and millions of people are getting a huge income with these methods. 

So why can’t you? Hope you’ll do great with this stuff.

Follow the steps, and start earning! Stay tuned to get more stuff like this and wish you the best of luck.

If you know more about these methods, make sure to share them below in the comments! You know what they say! Give back to the community 😀

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Keep grinding folks!